Kendrick Lamar drops hot new single ‘I’ [LISTEN]

Kendrick Lamar fashion

West Coast rhymer Kendrick Lamar has released his latest single “I” to iTunes in anticipation of his forthcoming album, and the track is an upbeat take on self-empowerment and self-confidence. With an inspired sample of the Isley Bros. classic hit “That Lady,” Lamar declares in the uplifting chorus, “I love myself.” Rahki produced the cut, and artwork has been released featuring two men, apparently a depiction of a Crip and Blood gang member, united.

Top Dawg Ent. CEO, Dangeroo Kipawaa, tweeted about the tune’s message, “I gotta respect the young man for using his platform to say something in music, not letting a gimmick or industry standards dictate his message.”

Kendrick has yet to announce an official title for his next album or a release date, but this is his first solo single in almost two years. Anticipation is building.


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