Police failed to arrest church leader who gave 6-year-old girl an STD


Police had an opportunity to arrest an accused child molester and allowed him to get away.   According to Pix11 in New York, Rev. Augusto Cortez, 50, was invited to a house party in Long Island, New York, when he was involved in an alleged attack.

While at the party, Rev. Cortez took a 6-year-old girl to an empty room and molested the child. The child’s mother walked into the room and interrupted the attack. The child was later taken to a hospital and it was determined that Rev. Cortez gave the girl a STD.

Police in South Hampton, New York, questioned Rev. Cortez, but he was not arrested. Several days after the initial questioning by police, Rev. Cortez could not be found. Authorities believe that he may have left the area and have called for a search.

The child’s mother believes that Rev. Cortez was given special privileges because he is a respected church leader in the Hispanic community.

Rev. Cortez has a history of sexual abuse against children. In 2008, he was arrested for molesting a 12-year-old girl in Brooklyn, New York. However, he was only given probation after Catholic church leaders wrote a letter to the court stating that Cortez would be supervised closely.

The 6-year-old child in the recent attack revealed that the molestation occurred several times. Along with being treated for the STD, the girl is in therapy so that she can deal with her emotional issues.

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