André 3000 shoots down OutKast album rumors


OutKast fans have been giddy all year with André 3000 and Big Boi taking the stage and touring around the country for the first time in more than a decade, but 3000 recently reiterated in an interview that no one should expect any kind of reunion album. The duo is currently performing a three-night stand at Centennial Olympic Park in their hometown of Atlanta, and Dre told Billboard that everyone should take the shows for what they are and not read more into them.

“There are no plans to do [an Outkast album],” Andre explained. “It’s not like some people think: ‘They’re about to drop this album!’ We don’t have, like, one song. There’s no trickery or nothing like that.”

Andre went on to explain how frustrating it can be to have a fan base clamoring for you to revisit your past. While acknowledging he and Big Boi are forever bonded, the reclusive rhymer made it clear that he doesn’t plan on rehashing the duo’s glory days any time soon.

“It’s kind of like growing up in a house with your brother, people expecting y’all to live in the same room and have bunk beds forever,” Dre said. “And people try to read into it and say people are beefing. But it’s nothing like that, man. Big Boi will always be my brother and a really important part of my life.”

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