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Actor and rapper Tray Chaney lends his support in the fight against bullying


Though busy with various other projects, actor and rapper Tray Chaney is finding time to lend a hand in the fight against bullying.

Chaney, best known for his role as Poot on HBO’s popular series “The Wire,”recently released a song in time for National Bullying Prevention Month called “Mike Bully.” He told Fox 5 in Washington, D.C., that his intention is to help young children everywhere who fall victim to the vicious act.

“When it came time for me to introduce another topic of mine, which is hip-hop music, I wanted to touch on issues that I felt really could affect today’s society in a positive way,” Chaney says. “This ‘Mike Bully’ record is an anti-bullying anthem. … It focuses on young people being able to stand up against bullying meaning you can go to a caring adult, you can talk to your parents, you can talk to your guidance counselor.”

Chaney has plans to tour across the state of Maryland during National Bullying Prevention Month to spread his message.

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