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Wells Fargo encourages you to preserve your history with ‘MyUntold’ storytelling campaign

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Storytelling is one of the strongest elements of black culture. During slavery, it was necessary for education and in many cases, survival. Not only did it keep our ancestors informed, but it also kept them empowered and inspired. From generation to generation, it’s how we preserve our history.

It’s an oral ritual that can’t skip a generation. Wells Fargo is providing a digital platform so this tradition isn’t lost.

“We launched the ‘MyUntold’ campaign last year and are extending it so we can tell the story of real, everyday people. It is what we consider our celebratory platform. We don’t just make history in February, so we shouldn’t just be telling our story in February. I am really proud that we’ve taken this on and making sure these stories are told throughout the year. The contributions [of African Americans] happen beyond the month of February,” shares Lisa Frison, Wells Fargo spokesperson and African American segment manager.

“At Wells Fargo, we believe African American history is American history. The stories that, particularly those untold, help shape the fabric of America. We wanted to develop a platform so these stories [are brought] to light and so we can bring them together. There is power in the collective narrative,” adds Frison.

Wells Fargo encourages others to celebrate their past by telling their story and becoming part of the narrative of the rich history and culture of their community. Their MyUntold campaign serves to acknowledge this and honor the African American experience by creating, while building cultural awareness around what it truly means to be African American today.

She closes, “There is so much great content out there. We are on to something amazing and exciting to extend this platform to share their stories. As part of this campaign, I will be putting out my own untold story.”

Share your untold story, by submitting images, video or messages on your social media platforms by using #MyUntold. If you would like to view videos from theMyUntold campaign, please visit the Wells Fargo YouTube page. Also, visit Wells Fargo Presents: The Untold Stories Collection.

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