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Nick Cannon clears the air on his relationship with Mariah


Nick Cannon spoke to Meredith Vieira about his current relationship with Mariah Carey and their twins as the high-profile pair works through their divorce. Since their announced seperation, Cannon has been the subject of several rumors ranging from disputes over money to an alleged fling with also recently divorced star Amber Rose. But Cannon laughed off the gossip.

“You know what I heard the other day?” he began jokingly. “I heard that there’s a family dispute over our eight dogs. It’s the Jack Russell puppy dispute.”

After stating that the wound was still very fresh just a few weeks ago, Cannon opened up a bit about his estranged wife and made assurances that the children are doing fine and he and Mariah are still very bonded through those kids.

“[I’m] just staying focused on family and what’s right and getting through these times and just doing what’s right for the kids,” Cannon explained. “They’re just happy. They love mommy, they love daddy. We’ve always been people who are kind of on the go, coming and going, so their life hasn’t changed one bit. We spend holidays together, we do everything that we’re supposed to do together.”


  1. butterbeanbabe on October 25, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    just another baby daddy making excuses , as time goes by your will see just how committed to the kids he is ,, mariah aint seen nothing yet cause him stepping out like he did made it look like he was looking for an out, i can tell he was cause they were spending time on two different cost .. why dont these celebrities just not get married they see it never hardly work denzel relationship has lasted cause his wife is not in the spot light .. most of these celebritys rush into these marriages like they going on a date .
    and after the date lets get married , desperation to not have every thing private put in the streets , they know if they marry a ordinary person it could end up disastrous but they ruin the meaning of committment by sleep to gether til the seeks is boring then take off

  2. ruth on October 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    Mariah may have her issues, but one thing she was clear about before she married Nick was that she didn’t want any kids, because if the relationship breaks up, the kids suffer. But NOOOO Nick just HAD to have babies with this beautiful woman, he insisted and persisted. Now that they’re here and old enough to need stability, he’s out the door! They need to stop being selfish and short-sighted and get and stay in counseling at least till the kids are grown and gone just like many other Parents have made the sacrifice to do in the past. The kids didn’t ask to be here!