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Wendy Williams criticizes Tiny’s new plastic surgery

Wendy Williams - Tiny Eyes Cover

Wendy Williams is always eager to share her opinion on the personal lives of celebrities and this week she took aim at Tiny and her latest optic plastic surgery.

As previously reported, Tiny gave fans a major shock recently when she revealed that she’d undergone the BrightOcular procedure, which lightens the iris of the eyes with a colored biocompatible silicone implant.

And when Williams discussed Tiny’s new eyes on a recent episode of her talk show, she criticized the singer for crossing the line with her plastic surgery.

“I believe in changing things. If there’s something about you you don’t like…” said Wendy who’s had breast enhancements and wears wigs with pride. “This right here is going too far.”

When Williams first heard about Tiny’s new eyes, she said she had a hard time believing the story. But now that she knows it’s true, she says it’s a bad move for Tiny because lightening the eyes is the equivalent of white washing.

“Getting your eyes permanently done like this is to me, as bad as people who bleach their skin. You can self-hate your flat boobs. You can self-hate your flat butt…” said Williams.

However, Williams did applaud Tiny for being honest about her plastic surgery.

“At least she was honest about it because the Internet was all the buzz,” Williams said. “It makes me love her more that she was honest about this.”

Clearly this is a hot topic issue amongst fans and it’s certainly something Tiny’s going to be asked and criticized about for a while. – nicholas robinson

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