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Colorado State student takes bad ‘Molly’ and goes on masturbation rampage

Stefan Sortland
Stefan Sortland

The street drug Molly has entered the mainstream culture with references to its use in popular rap lyrics and street jargon. The term “poppin some Molly and sweatin” is used in the innercity regarding the effects of its use. But for Colorado State student Stefan Sortland, it turned into a bizarre rampage that included cocaine, a stolen ambulance, assaulting a police officer and masturbation.

On Halloween night, Sortland allegedly used Molly and cocaine before heading to an off-campus concert. At some point, Sortland in his drug-induced haze came across an ambulance which was left running while the EMTs were treating a patient. Sortland stole the ambulance and went on a wild joyride on the streets of Loveland, Colorado. Police were able to track Sortland because the ambulance had a GPS system installed. When the police finally found the ambulance it was in the middle of the highway with several doors open and heavy front end damage. According to police, it appeared the ambulance had hit the median, jumped the curb,hit a side rail, went the wrong way and crossed back over the median before it stopped. Sortland was standing about 30 yards from the ambulance wearing an EMT vest. Because Sortland was not listening to police commands he was shot with a stun gun. When police took Sortland into custody he had a blanket, a cellphone and a box of crackers with him. While being transported to the jail he admitted to stealing the ambulance and apologized to the officers.

However, the night was not over for Sortland  as he continued his escapades in the jail. When police tried to deliver food to Sortland, he attacked two officers giving one a concussion and the other minor injuries. He then kicked the wall, stood on the bench and started to masturbate. Sortland is facing charges of aggravated vehicle theft, obstructing EMS, reckless driving, hit and run, criminal mischief, attempted motor vehicle theft, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and criminal assaults.

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