Mama Joyce reacts to Miss Sharon’s death

Mama Joyce - Vasectomy Dream

Mama Joyce and Miss Sharon were never good friends on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” in fact they spent more time feuding than they did keeping the peace for Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s wedding. But when Joyce got word of Sharon’s death, even her hardened heart softened at the tragic news. Now, Joyce has opened up about her thoughts on her son-in-law’s mother’s death.

During their time feuding, Joyce alleged that Tucker’s father was a pimp and that Sharon was his prostitute. However, the rumors were proved false and, according to TMZ, and Joyce now says that she regrets spreading lies about Sharon.

Joyce says that she wishes she’d made peace with Sharon while she was alive. Sadly, that chance is now gone, but Joyce says she’s going to try to have a better relationship with Tucker instead.

Despite her kinder words for Sharon and Tucker, Joyce says that she won’t be attending Sharon’s funeral out of respect for her family. Joyce admits that she knows many of Sharon’s family members and friends wouldn’t appreciate her showing up at the funeral so she plans on just sending flowers instead.

Well, once again, we send our condolences to Tucker’s family and we hope the rest of the cast learns that holding onto unnecessary beefs and bad blood can also lead to some dark unnecessary regrets and a lot of lost time. –nicholas robinson

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