Atlanta actor tied to homeless serial killings

Aeman Lovel Presley
Aeman Lovel Presley, Atlanta actor tied to homeless serial killings

Police have announced the arrest of Aeman Lovel Presley in connection with the death of two homeless men in downtown Atlanta. In addition, Presley is also being charged with the murder of Karen Pearce, a part-time student and working mom, whose body was found in a downtown lot.

The two homeless men killed were Dorian Jenkins and Tommy Mims. What has tied the murders of all three people is the type of ammo and weapon used. Police believe the killings are related because the ammo was a distinctive .45 caliber round that has not been made since 2010. In addition, the gun used was either a Taurus “Judge” or a Smith & Wesson “Governor.”

Presley was arrested for fare evasion at a MARTA transit station near the campus of Georgia State University. When police apprehended Presley they discovered a 45/.410 revolver and a box of ammunition. According to Atlanta Police spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Ross, “We are actively working with multiple agencies at this time and cannot provide any further information that may jeopardize ongoing investigations.”

Presley was an aspiring Atlanta actor who performed in two films, Exit and Rules. There was no motivation given for his actions.

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