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Naturopathic doctor Willie Bell outlines natural ways to avoid illnesses

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Willie Bell, ND, is naturopathic doctor who helps people regain and maintain their health naturally using foods, herbs and herbal supplements, other natural supplements and different body cleansing methods.

Here the Jackson, Mississippi-bred athlete and former engineer shares why he changed careers and why healing is his spiritual calling.

How did you get into this business of health and healing? 

This is a spiritual calling that I was lead into. For a long time, since grade school, I was fascinated with biology and the health of the body. I even considered becoming a medical doctor, but I didn’t want to be in college that long. Around the year 2000, I met a health food store owner by the name of Ms. Faye. She was a registered nurse who became a naturopathic doctor. She introduced the term to me. I visited her store regularly to watch how she handled her customers.

At the time, I was contemplating a career change and she told me how she became a naturopath. In 2007, I trained with 30 other students under a naturopath and was certified as a wholistic health consultant. I was able to register with the Department of Health in Washington, DC as a naturopath. In January 2008, I lost my engineering job. I never took another one and started doing this work — the work of healing God’s people. I registered as a naturopath that same year.

Please share some basic health tips.
These are my principles of health:

1. There are only two things that can heal the body: God and the body.
2. The body is always reacting to the presence or absence of something. It’s reacting to try to keep itself alive. Chronic diseases are reactions of the body.
3. The body is an intelligent entity and we should treat it as such.
4. Technically, there is only one disease: a malfunctioning cell.
5. There are only two reasons why a cell will malfunction: malnutrition and toxicity.
6. The body is a compilation of cells, not organs and appendages.
7. No cell, in the body, good or bad, lives forever. They all have a lifespan.
8. The body needs eight basic macronutrients. If you give your body all that it needs of these nutrients, it will get healthy and stay that way. These nutrients are: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, fiber, and water.
9. Chronic diseases are not hereditary; people’s habits are.

The U. S. government recommends that we eat nine to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Although most people are not even coming close to this, I think that this is a minimal standard and that we should eat more. We can do this by supplementation and I recommend the “Whole-Food Concentrate” JuicePlus.

We should drink one half of our body weight in ounces of water daily.

We need to help our bodies to cleanse on a regular basis. Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with unnatural toxins which bio-accumulate and cause illnesses.