For the second time in five months, a Chris Brown club appearance has been interrupted by gunfire.

The latest incident happened Jan. 11 at the Fiesta nightclub’s “Capricorn Bash” in San Jose, California. As can be seen in a number of Instagram and Vine posts currently making the rounds on the internet, Brown was in the middle of performing his hit single “Loyal” at an otherwise peaceful show around 1:20 a.m. when the ruckus began.

In the video, Brown is seen taking notice of the disturbance, appearing to mistake the commotion for rowdy fans before saying into the mic “Oh them n—as gettin’ it in over there.” Shortly thereafter, shots rang out and Brown was rushed off the stage to safety by club security.

Five people in total sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds in the incident.

This past August, Brown was in attendance at a MTV Video Music Awards after-party at the popular 1 Oak nightclub in Hollywood when two bystanders were shot in what in what appeared to be an attempt on Suge Knight’s life.

After the latest incident, Brown simply tweeted “I’m 100” to let fans know that he was not injured in the melee.

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