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Derrick Favors on his rise in the NBA and his favorite hip-hop albums


Derrick Favors continues to set himself apart as a top power forward/center in the NBA. Thus far in the NBA season, Favors has nine games of 20 points 10 rebounds and has been an intricate piece to the resurgence of the Utah Jazz.

Favors, an Atlanta native, is also a big fan of music.

He recently sat down with rolling out to share his thoughts on the NBA and his favorite hip-hop albums.

Your numbers on the court have increased this season. To what do you attribute your success?

It’s more of a breakout season for me, but overall I think it’s just me being a better player than I was in the past and improving on a lot of things that I’ve been doing on and off the court.

You are an Atlanta native. How have you adjusted to the cultural differences of Utah versus Atlanta?

It’s a big cultural difference out there. I had to get used to the snow, to the cold weather, and just how they do things out there. So it was a big change. I’m used to everything now. I’ve been out here for four years, so I’m pretty much getting used to how things are out there. You can’t really make it Atlanta, but I bought a house out here and I try to make it home. I let my family and friends come out. I got a couple of dogs out there so I can feel like I’m at home. That’s the best I can do.

You are a big fan of music. What is your favorite album of all time?

I would say Young Jeezy’s first album. I was probably in middle school when it was released. To me personally, I think that is one of Jeezy’s best albums. I’m a Young Jeezy fan anyway. It just brings back good memories. I was probably in the eighth grade or ninth grade and it brings back a lot of memories when I listen to it. I love every song on there.

Atlanta produces a lot of talent when it comes to basketball. Does the city get enough credit for being a basketball hub?

I guess guys kind of fall under the radar because the whole state of Georgia is more of a football state. So when people think about Georgia or Atlanta, they think more about football than they do basketball. Now I think that’s kind of changing. More people are starting to notice that Atlanta has a lot of talent on the basketball court, as well as the football field.