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DJ Skee’s DASH Radio to be a part of AT&T’s Drive initiative

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Not long ago industry veteran DJ Skee took a huge gamble and quit his cushy job at media giant iHeartMedia to venture out on his own. Fed up with the politics of commercial radio, Skee looked for a way to deliver music to the masses without all of the bells and whistles.

With an investment from legendary music executive L.A. Reid, Skee created a digital radio network called DASH Radio. Featuring more than 60 original music channels, the commercial free music platform allows for a direct connection between artists, DJs and music lovers.

It looks as though Skee’s gamble has paid off in a huge way.

When AT&T held its recent Developer Summit, it announced that Skee’s DASH radio was one of five new apps to be included in the AT&T Drive initiative, which acts as a conduit between car companies and app manufacturers.

“We want to give our connected car drivers applications that provide enhanced in-car experiences while continuing to focus on driver safety,” says Chris Penrose, SVP, Internet of things, AT&T Mobility. “Our goal with AT&T Drive is to bring together the top players in the industry to collaborate and drive innovation for end users — and these players do just that.”

In addition to DASH Radio, the other apps selected were AetherPal, Audiobooks, Deventseeker and Glympse.

DASH radio is available for both iOS and Android phones.

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