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5 best free weight-loss apps for your smartphone

Black Men Run – Offers runners (men and women) the chance to have fun while running into fitness.  The app provides access to a wealth of info, social aspects (to encourage and be encouraged) and a built-in radio player to enjoy.

With the explosion of mobile apps, you could be sure that there would be apps for just about every aspect of life. Proving this point is the growing number of apps that have been designed to help you to manage your dieting efforts.

Dieting apps offer a convenient tool-reminder-coach that helps with monitoring your food intake and exercise habits. The apps that we’ve included in this list are for those who are serious about getting to a better place, because these apps can definitely help you do it. Of course, it will take a lot of willpower and determination, but these weight-loss apps will fill the gap that many of us have experienced in our past diets – the feeling of being in it alone. In addition to helpful guides and instructions, many of these apps include tools for socializing with other people who are on the same challenging path.