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Music » Mysterious Wu-Tang Clan album seized at New York City airport

Mysterious Wu-Tang Clan album seized at New York City airport


In case you missed it, legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan recently announced that they’ve put together a one-of-a-kind album titled Once Upon a Time in Shaolin that will only have one copy made and be sold via an auction on bidding site

The album, created as an art piece, won’t be made available to the public for 88 years and has already received an offer of $5 million from one bidder, according to Wu-Tang leader RZA.

Without a doubt there is an air of mystery surrounding the album and while it was being transported, custom officials at New York City’s JFK Airport felt the same way as they seized the box containing the album. According to the New York Post, RZA and producer Cilvaringz were traveling with the album from Morocco when the box containing the album was held by customs officials for more than three hours.

It appears the handlers of the box lost the key and were unable to open it for authorities. Without being able to confirm the contents, officials had no choice but to confiscate it and run it though the TSA’s “highest-strength scanner” before finally releasing it back to the possession of RZA.

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  1. Don't be afraid on March 7, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    They had the key .. that box just wasn’t going to be opened.