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Naked unarmed Black man shot and killed by White police officer in Atlanta


Another unarmed Black man has been shot and killed by the police. According to a report by WSBTV, the issue occurred after residents in a DeKalb County, Georgia, apartment complained about a naked man running through the neighborhood.

Apparently, the man was erratic and appeared to be high on medication or drugs. When police arrived, they said the man, Anthony Hill, 27, continued to have behave oddly.

At some point, police said that Hill charged at an officer. The unidentified White police officer pulled his weapon and fatally shot Hill. The officer was also equipped with a baton, pepper spray, and a taser, which could’ve been used instead of his gun

Over the past year, several shootings of unarmed Black men have sparked rallies and hope for change in police tactics. However, the officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner were not indicted.



  1. Tammy Manning on March 10, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    What are we going to do?

  2. honeybutter on March 10, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    what are we gonna do for real cause that state dept investigation that proved cops are racist in ferguson , is proof they all are like that in other cities now why would he shoot a man who could have just been given a bad drug by someone or a man who may have been mentally ill? why would he shoot he could have pepper sprayed him or tasered him but he shot the guy dead ? then theres one in wisconsin too . .so literally they are told to continue administering law as usuall hundred have been killed its just now we calling to the media on all of the ones we hear of they have stopped the average non sense murders and now even to hear one a month is too much .. i bet they had over 20 sinceless killing of black men per city … i bet you . .and to hear of one is just horrible .. obama has to do something .. besides invesgiate them .. we know there are racist cops but there are also UNQUALIFIED COPS . .. SCARY TRIGGER HAPPY PSCHOS WHO HAS FIRED THAT GUN MORE THAN ONCE THE TRUTH IS A COP SHOULD NOT FIRE HIS GUN BUT A FEW TIMES IN HIS EMPLOYMENT WITH THE DEPT .. MAYBE 2X in his career thats what a study said , ,but now that one shot is now becomeing a scary thing cause they scared now that blackss hate them all . and he knew this guy was naked no pockets even to hold a gun so why shoot , i rather him ran him down with his car than shoot the brother his running could have been any reason