Kerry Washington asks Black and LGBT communities to band together


Being powerful and evocative seems to come easy for Kerry Washington, and during this past weekend’s GLAAD media awards, the “Scandal” actress gave the most noteworthy speech of the night when she shared her pride over being nan LGBT ally and challenged homophobia in the Black community.

While receiving her Vanguard Award, which is given to a celebrity who has been an ally to the LGBT community, Washington spoke about the discrimination minorities like the LGBT community face in America.

“There are people in this world who have the full rights of citizenship in our communities, our countries, and around the world, and then there are those of us who, to varying degrees, do not. We don’t have equal access to education, to health care, and some other basic liberties like marriage, a fair voting process, fair hiring practices. Now, you would think that those of us who are kept from our full rights of citizenship would ban together and fight the good fight, but history tells us that, no, often we don’t,” Washington said.

She then explained how systemic oppression and discrimination have influenced communities across the board and pushed minority groups to fight against each other instead of fighting the systems of oppression.

“Women, poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people — we have been pitted against each other and made to feel like there are limited seats at the table for those of us who fall into the category of ‘other.’ As a result, we have become afraid of one another. We compete with one another. We judge one another. Sometimes, we betray one another. Sometimes, even within our own communities, we designate who among us is best suited to represent us, and who really shouldn’t even be invited to the party. As ‘others,’ we are taught that to be successful, we must reject those other ‘others,’ or we will never belong,” Washington said.

But that’s not all that Washington had to say in her highly regarded speech. Read what she had to say about diversity in the gay community as well as homophobic in the Black community after the cut.

Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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  1. Ban together for what? Blacks need to worry about themselves and other Blacks. Other groups use us to get what they want, but are silent at a group level when we are killed in the streets. #blackfirst

  2. What the f is she talkin about? Blacks are discriminated on because of the color of our skin, which we were born with. LGBT are discriminated on because of a sexuality CHOICE altering the way that they were born. Not the same…I don’t care how this woman or anybody else tries to explain it. If I am born as a human male and later I choose to be a horse because I believe that I was meant to be born as a horse then that is what I believe but I can’t make anyone respect my belief because when they look at me they actually see a human male. God given rights like actually being born black and trying to remain what God created you to be can’t be denied by nobody or nothing. She can miss me with that bull that she is talking.

  3. Homophobia don’t exist in the White Community. Or the Asian Community. Or the Jewish Community… when it’s anywhere else, it’s just homophobia. When it’s us, it’s yet another unique pathology typical of our dysfunctional character issues…

    We keep lettin folk push this BS.

    If it ain’t about sex, fashion or music White LGBT-ers don’t give a spit about Black folk of any sexual orientation. And they’ll remind you of it 24/7.


    1. I agree with you. Can they please stop this about blacks being homophobic, What about the other conservative folks? They don’t want to pass the gay marriage bill. She can miss me with that bull that she is talking.

  4. I think she is just as fake as a two dollar bill, and she don’t know what she is talking about. I hate when black people try to link black civil rights struggle with the LGBT issues. They are totally different. White gay people are just as privilege as any other white person. Whereas the black man is being shot down in the streets just for being black.

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