Top 4 enemies of time management


In business, time is money. Here are the top four enemies that kill time management and hinder growth.

Emails: Many business owners feel that in order to stay on top of their game, they have to respond immediately to each email as it hits their inbox. When this occurs, the owner becomes a slave to their phone in fear of missing something that “may be” important. To correct this, set designated times to respond to emails and a daily cut off time. This will allow you to release yourself from the need to constantly be on duty.

Television: Everyone has a favorite television show and each week you can find a special presentation that, with great marketing tools, has drawn you into the “I can’t miss this” trend. The problem with this is that after a full day of work and two hours of television, you have little time remaining to do the essential needs to prepare you for the next day. To correct this, record your shows and watch them at a later time. As mentioned, time is money, and at the end of the day, that show, unless it’s educational, won’t help you gain wealth.

Social media: While social media serves a major purpose in business, it can also be a huge distraction.

As an owner, you should not spend more than three hours per week on social media. Here’s when outsourcing a professional is super impactful. To correct this issue, place a social media manager in charge of your account. Allow them to do the work while you work on more important things.

Crises: Crises come in many forms, both personal and professional. When crises arise, it is important to remember that you will get through this. As a business owner, you are the leader of the pack. If you fall apart, so will your team. Take time to gather your emotions, delegate your wishes, and remove yourself from the forefront so that you can return with a strong follow-up. As the owner, you always want to be the hero, but sometimes it’s best to just take a step back and allow your team to step up to the plate.

How do you combat these enemies? Utilize your time wisely, set time boundaries, and allow the professionals to do things for you.

As CEO of @ABrandCalledU, Rachel Green is a branding expert servicing corporations small and large. She enjoys teaching small business owners the power of do- it-yourself PR, marketing, and branding. Follow her @MsABCU.

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