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Music » Did DMX really rob a guy in Newark?

Did DMX really rob a guy in Newark?

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There is a bizarre story coming out of Newark, New jersey, about rapper DMX  whose real name is Earl Simmons. According to one man, he met DMX outside of a gas station near the New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts early Sunday morning. After the amazed fan and DMX had a conversation about the rap game an alleged member of DMX’s entourage walked up and pulled a gun. According to the unidentified victim, he was forced to give up his property and a wad of cash, which DMX allegedly snatched out of his hand. The victim then alleges that the group then all sped off in four Cadillac Escalades. According to police and the victim he was able to write down the license plate of one of the cars.

Police have stated that an investigation has been started regarding the incident. DMX was at the performing arts center acting as master of ceremonies at a star studded event. Participants included Mobb Deep, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick and others. No statement has been issued from the DMX camp regarding the alleged incident.

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