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Mother who still breast-feeds her 6-year-old posts photos on Facebook

Maha Al Musa (Facebook)

Maha Al Musa (Facebook)

Maha Al Musa, 52, still breast-feeds her daughter, Aminah, who is now age 6. Aminah has not had any of her shots because her mother believes in the “power of milk.” In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day that came out today, Aminah says, “Sometimes it tastes like candy canes. It tastes like lots of different things.”

The author writes: “In fact, Aminah says she enjoys ‘sleeping and sucking’ Mummy’s breasts so much she could see herself carrying on for a couple more years. ‘I might stop when I’m eight,’ she decides, after a few moments’ contemplation.”

Al Musa, who is likely the oldest mother in the world breast-feeding, lives by a strict Paleo diet. She offers creative arts spiritual birth preparation classes and prenatal belly dance classes.

See Facebook photos of Al Musa shamelessly breast-feeding Aminah in the gallery below.


  1. britishrose on May 25, 2015 at 10:59 am

    INSANITY WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS … this lady is a plan and simple nut .. the better watch her she looks crazy as hell . .how do she think she look feeding that big girl and if it had been a boy it would have been a public out cry

  2. CosmoBeauty on May 25, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    She’s a FREAK! That’s a form of child abuse.