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Snoop Dogg calls Caitlyn Jenner a ‘science project’?

Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg's Instagram (@snoopdogg)

Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg’s Instagram (@snoopdogg)

Although Caitlyn Jenner has definitely been receiving a mountain of praise after transitioning into a woman, not everyone is happy about her monumental Vanity Fair cover debut. And one of those people seems to be Snoop Dogg, who bashed Caitlyn on Instagram this week.

On Wednesday, Snoop posted a photo of Akon on Instagram with the message that slammed Jenner for being more newsworthy than Akon’s new Akon Lighting Africa, an initiative designed to bring electricity to millions of Africans using solar energy.

Snoop Dogg - Caitlyn Diss Instagram

Photo Credit: Snoop Dogg’s Instagram (@snoopdogg)

“News flash. @akon tune in to ggn for some real news,” Snoop captioned the photo.

Not surprisingly, Snoop’s comments were flooded with both critics and supporters.

“This is the first time in history that trans people have a voice,” said one commenter. “It may be over publicized but it doesn’t justify the amount of hatred. Transphobia is not acceptable.”

While another commenter wrote, “Snoop Dogg is right. This trash news about Bruce Jenner is irrelevant compared to Akon making a difference in the world.”

Granted, Jenner isn’t curing cancer or anything of the like by transitioning. But what she is doing is shining a much needed light on the lived experiences of a community which has long been shunned, attacked and ignored by society and the mainstream media. Not too long ago, transgender people had no voice and extremely little and rarely accurate representation in the media. On top of that, they dealt with unchecked violence and discrimination. But with every growing story of a trans person living their truth in the light, trans lives become more visible, more relatable and more accepted. So there is a lot of merit to Jenner’s story, just like there’s a lot of merit to Akon’s story. And neither need to be put down or bashed for the other to shine.


  1. honeybutter on June 5, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    YOU CAN NOT PUT TRANS GENDER TRANSFORMATION ON THE SAME SCALE AS … RACISM NO WAY .. who the hell said trans genders needs a voice for what , we dont care if they stay the hell in the closet .. thats more lip stick and hose for real women .. i see them in the grocery store and mall at times . .they look like a walking circus .. not cute if they look good as a woman and you cant tell WHO THEY ARE WE DONT CARE , ITS WHEN PEOPLE THAT WE KNOW IS A MAN COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ,, , WITH AN ALREADY BUNCH OF WEIRD PSCHOTIC FOLLOWERS WITH TRANNY ISSUES IN THE CLOSET .. .COME OUT SUPPORTING BRUCE J .. thats when we all get mad cause we feel he should have kept that private at his age …. no one has to know what his preference in wigs nail polish and panty hose are .. . snoop is right he is a circus act …. getting paid now to make a fool out of us all …… we have children still missing in africa ,, homeless folks on the streets , and blackemn shot in the back in this country .. so bruce jenner should not have goten att that publicity right now … it dont make since to do so ………………… it jepardize our growth of our children and what they have not been taught in school if we cant teach them who harriet tubman and fredrick douglas is why should we teach them who BRUCE JENNER IS >? HIS atlletic background does not matter anymore at all

  2. Thomas Rush on June 6, 2015 at 3:29 am

    Great… It finally happened. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., finally smoked so much ganga, he forgot who he was, and became a black Republican. Have fun hanging out with your new friends, Uncle Ben Carson and Allen West, and trading stories about all the great things they did for their communities. SMH.

  3. honeybutter on June 6, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    WHAT AKON IS DOING IN AFRICA IS NEWS . .i cant stand tmz either always lieing about thier support of DAM BRUCE JENNER .. and harvey is gay phobic and so is charles yet they lie … YOU DONT SEE TMZ . talking about AKON AND HIS CHARITY . .CAUSE THEY SO BUSY TRYING TO KEEP THE DOORS OPEN .. with those uneducated show host all looking like a bunch of bombs from AAA MEETINGS . or dope heads on remission . .and harvey looking like a greedy jew with his dick in his hand … i dont like him he is fake and greedy as most jewish men are