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Amandla Stenberg blasts Kylie Jenner

Photo Credit: Amandla Stenberg's Instagram (@amandlastenberg)

Photo credit: Amandla Stenberg’s Instagram (@amandlastenberg)

Actress Amandla Stenberg has been battling against racism ever since her career was launched amid racial controversy over her character of Rue in Hunger Games. After making headlines last year for schooling White America on cultural appropriation, Stenberg has now taken aim at Kylie Jenner and blasted her for doing the same.

Yesterday, 17-year-old Jenner, who has previously come under fire for her plastic surgeries, posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting cornrows and the caption “I woke up like disss.”

Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner's Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner’s Instagram (@kyliejenner)

It didn’t take long before Jenner’s Black followers began blasting her appropriating a Black hairstyle and that’s when Stenberg jumped in and criticized the young reality star as well.

Read Stenberg’s critique, as well as Jenner’s response:

“@novemberskyys when u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter,” Amandla wrote.

Kylie wrote back, “@amandlastenberg Mad if I don’t, Mad if I do…Go hang w Jaden [Smith] or something.”

Check out the Instagram post where the conversation continues after the cut:

Kylie Jenner


  1. kelly on July 13, 2015 at 10:40 am

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  2. andalso on July 13, 2015 at 11:32 am

    what business is if of hers what kylie is doing. just sounds like a bunch of hate. black women wear weaves that resemble caucasian hair so i don’t get the beef. black women also wear weaves to promote perms, fashion, etc. so why can’t others

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