Willow Smith, 14, describes her vision of a perfect world

photo credit: i-D magazine
photo credit: i-D magazine

If Willow Smith could have her way, the whole world would be “one big tribe.”

In a new interview with i-D magazine, the 14-year-old “F Q-C #7” singer and daughter of actors Will Smith, 46, and Jada Pinkett Smith, 43, described her vision of a utopia, adding that she’s a major fan of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster Avatar.

“The whole world would be one big tribe, one big commune,” Smith said. “It wouldn’t be split up and divided, we wouldn’t be fighting nearly as much, we wouldn’t be using unnecessary sources of power.”

“We’d be using free energy, we’d be eating from the trees, we’d be drinking from the natural stream,” she added. “There wouldn’t be traffic, and diapers and pollution in our rivers. It would all just be transcending into another dimension.”

She continued… Avatar is “my life — the strength that the tribe has to overthrow the Sky People, that’s the kind of strength that we need to have. That’s the strength that we need to cultivate… I feel that right now what our generation needs is to do the art that’s in our hearts.”

It’s no secret that unconventional chats like these are what make Smith and her 17-year-old brother Jaden, a musician, artist and actor, among the most talked-about celebrity kids in Hollywood.

“I carve my own path the way I do is because of the way I was raised,” Smith told i-D. “My parents always said, ‘If you don’t carve your own path, someone’s going to carve it for you.’ And that’s not fun.”

The teen first rose to fame at age 9 with her debut single “Whip My Hair,” which also featured a remix with rapper Nicki Minaj. In July, it was rumored that she is also working on music with Drake. Smith, of course, remained coy about the rumor when asked about it by i-D, saying she hopes to do so. She also said she wants to work with Miley Cyrus. “I literally want to make music with her,” she said.

Smith has also tried her hand in the fashion game. Earlier this year, she landed a major ad campaign, becoming a spokesmodel for famed designer Marc Jacobs.

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