‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ shows 1st trans character getting married

Karla Mosley and Jacob Young/CBS Screenshot
Karla Mosley and Jacob Young/CBS Screenshot

Actress Karla Mosley already broke major ground for her transgender fans when she took on the role of Maya Avant for “The Bold and The Beautiful,” the first transgender character on daytime TV. And now even more history has been made now that the character of Maya got hitched this week.

The groundbreaking wedding happened on Monday when Maya wed her longtime boyfriend, young entrepreneur Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), making it the first time that a transgender character has ever been married on daytime TV.

As previously reported, the character of Maya was originally created in 2013 and written as an ex-con turned actress and model with a troubled past and a popular love affair with character Rick. But this year, the show’s writers took Maya down a shocking path when it was revealed that she had been assigned male at birth before transitioning into a woman as a young adult.

Maya eventually decided to come out as trans to Rick after a tabloid writer threatened to out her to the public. Thankfully for Maya, Rick didn’t care about her being trans and the two decided to tie the knot.

Although Maya and Rick jumped the broom on Monday, their wedding wasn’t without its soap opera drama as Maya’s father nearly ruined her wedding after calling her unnatural and making a spectacle of their dysfunctional relationship at her wedding. Thankfully, Maya’s mother stood by her side as Maya kicked her own father out of her wedding.

Such a momentous wedding is definitely helping to keep Maya a fan favorite amongst fans. And as Mosley previously told RO, she’s more than happy playing the role of Maya.

“Maya has always been a dynamic character. I love playing her and this only added depth to her already complicated personality. It was a true gift. She is a woman who will stand up for herself and fight for the people she loves no matter what. Sometimes that gets her into trouble, but it always comes from a place of love,” Mosley said.

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