Heading to college? 8 tips to help you succeed

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Photo credit: ingimage

College is a different world. In addition to getting a degree, it’s a place where life lessons are learned and preparation for the next chapter of our lives takes place. Some people will thrive and others may never graduate. Preparing for it is key. Check out eight tips to help you find success:

1.  Work closely with your adviser to plan your schedule – It is critical that you take classes that are in line with your major which will help ensure that you graduate on time. Planning your own schedule without guidance is the quickest way to extend your time in college.

2.  Plan your time – Create a schedule that allows you to prioritize all of your obligations. Factor in enough time to study, complete projects, work, and anything else you plan to do. Also, review your syllabus and enter tests and due dates into your calendar.

3.  Know your learning style Most of us have gone through life unaware of how we learn. The four type of learning styles are Aural, Visual, Kinetic, and Reading/Writing. If you don’t know, take a test to asses your learning style.  Having this information will help you determine the best way to study and gain insight on how you respond to your professors and classes. Also, if you have challenges processing information, seek help to find resources that will help you succeed.

4.  Choose your friends wisely – Birds of a feather do flock together. Choose people who support you, share your values, and will help you excel in school. College is known for producing lifelong friendships, so choose wisely. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people may take you off your path.

5.  Take care of yourself and make good decisions – You are now responsible for yourself. Making poor decisions can lead to negative consequences. Make sure your focus is on doing your best. Eating properly, getting rest, and being physically active can help you navigate the challenges that come with college life. Beware of excessive partying and the trappings that go along with it.

6.  Go to class – The quickest way to fail a class is not showing up. If you have a schedule conflict or you are having difficulty in a class, talk to your professor to make sure the class is a fit for you. If you realize it isn’t, officially drop the class and take it at another time or take the class with another professor.

7.  Stay away from excessive debt – It’s tempting to open credit cards or take out more student loans than needed. A temporary fix can create long term problems. Credit card debt and student loans can take years to pay off and damage your credit if not paid.

8.  Live within your budget – Now that you are living on your own, you may want to go out and live a life that exceeds your funds. Stay away from excessive shopping sprees, dining out with regularity, and spending money you don’t have. You may find yourself hanging with people that can afford to do the items listed above. Remember, to live on your budget.

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