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Why vertigo happens when people fly

Vertigo, that unpleasant spinning sensation or dizziness, can transform a smooth flight into a disorienting ordeal. While turbulence might be the first culprit we point

All about night sweats: What you need to know

Night sweats are more than just bothersome dampness — they’re an unwelcome disruption to peaceful slumber, causing discomfort and unsettling sleep patterns for many. Characterized

Why eating early helps with acid reflux

Are you tired of battling the discomfort of acid reflux, especially when it disrupts your sleep? There’s a simple yet effective solution: enjoying a satisfying

Ask Monica: Boo’d up vs. being booted

[jwplayer J8377Z6V] What do you do when your friends are boo’d up and you’ve been booted out? Are you the last one standing? Hear more

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