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OSK Styles’ pocket square holder is a gentleman’s saving grace

OSK Styles' pocket square holder is a gentleman's saving grace
Photo courtesy: Omar Kinnebrew

Print and digital communications sales manager Omar Kinnebrew is utilizing his marketing background to launch a fashion business, The Perfect Pocket Square Holder. Kinnebrew designed the holders to keep the pocket squares worn on blazers securely in place. Kinnebrew’s line is the perfect accessory for modern-day gentlemen. The pocket square will come in an array of shells including suede, leather, snake skin and in vibrant, solid colors. As a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi he believes in putting forth a well-groomed and polished look. He spoke with rolling out recently about what inspired him to start his company, future plans for growing his fashion brand, and his thoughts on modern gentlemen.

How long have you been involved with the fashion business?

This is actually a brand-new venture for me, but I have always been into fashion. I have an MBA in strategic branding and marketing, which goes hand in hand with the fashion business. About nine months ago, I applied for a patent for my pocket square holders. I found myself constantly running into the same issue pertaining to my pocket square always falling down. I would try to find different methods to keep it firmly held in place throughout the day, but it just never worked. I did research on the Internet and eventually found one, however, it didn’t solve the issue. I finally decided to create one myself and that is where the journey began.

Can your pocket square holders be monogrammed?

Yes, but not all. The pocket square holders will be engravable via stitching and sewing on the suede fabric. As of right now, with me making the holders by hand I have not included that as an option. Once the orders increase and the manufacturer and I figure out an efficient way to include custom orders, they will become available for purchase. We will also provide a variation of shells to choose from when selecting your holder. The shells will be suede, leather, alligator, snake skin, ostrich and solid colors as well.

How would you describe the modern-day gentleman?

Today’s gentleman is always well-groomed and very neat. He always has a sense of confidence and you can tell by the way he looks and walks. The clothes have a better fit in general. Everything is now either tailored or a well-fitted ensemble. I feel like the men are steering away from ties, but always keep a fashionable pocket square. Pocket squares really touch up a suit or blazer in my opinion and I will always have one showing. Today’s men have a large variety of suite selections and shoes to pick from. Recently, there has been a big push for stylish and colorful socks, which is another way to show that you have style or are willing to take a risk. I think gentlemen are doing a lot more to show that they have class and style.

Where can someone purchase the pocket square holders?

I sell them on my website at and you can also purchase the holders on eBay. If they google Perfect Pocket Square Holders, they will find them easily on the Internet. As of now, they only come in brown and black and will ship within two business days. I ship both nationally and internationally.

Do you have future plans of working with major retail locations?

I am still in the early stages, but I certainly plan to get on with a retail location. I am just selling the merchandise online and working with small boutique shops to help showcase my product. I am definitely looking to have other stores carry the holders. I am also working with tailors so they can offer the holders to their clients. I am trying to use as many avenues as possible and then when the patent is approved I can expand to larger retailers. Most retailers won’t do business with you until you have an established brand. The goal is to get the best pocket square holder on the blazer of every gentleman in the world.

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