Nas helps fund tech scholarships for Black and Latino students

Source: Youtube/NasVevo

Hip-hop stalwart Nas is once again doing his part to push the culture forward.

The “Life Is Good” rapper is teaming up with a number of big corporations to provide scholarships to Black and Latino students as part of the “Opportunity Fund” campaign.

Located in New York City, General Assembly is a vocational school for engineering and programming that’s recently started the “Opportunity Fund” to help bring more diversity into the field of technology. In addition to Nas, Hirepurpose, Google, and Microsoft have also signed on to help push the project as well. Each entity will focus on different minority groups to help. Nas will focus on Black and Latino students while Hirepurpose and Microsoft will lend a hand to veterans, and Google will award scholarships to women.

According to General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz, the program’s goal is help even the playing field in the world of technology.

“There’s sort of a like-attracts-like issue in engineering subcultures,” Schwartz says. “It’s the ‘brogrammer’ syndrome. This is the start of what hopefully will be a contribution to what will be a more diverse and accessible community worldwide.”

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