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Terrence Howard’s ‘Empire’ role reportedly being reduced

Terrence Howard/YouTube Screenshot

Terrence Howard/YouTube screenshot

Terrence Howard has been a tabloid mainstay for years, thanks to his unending relationship problems, and things got worse over the past few months as Howard has faced both financial problems and abuse accusations during the divorce settlement with his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent. Now, a report claims that Howard’s personal issues are affecting his work because his role on the hit show “Empire” has been reduced for the upcoming season.

According to Page Six, sources claim that part of the reason Howard’s character, Lucious, will be in prison for much of next season is because the producers want to keep Howard “on the sidelines.”

“What they are doing is two-fold,” said the source. “They have him locked up so you won’t be seeing him in as many scenes. But they are bringing in so many, and I mean so many, guest stars and cameos that the average viewer won’t realize it because there is so much going on.”

If Howard isn’t the main character next season, then the sources say that fan-favorite, Taraji P. Henson, will see her character, Cookie Lyon, take center stage on the show.

“She’s going to start dropping off from the flashback scenes and then they’re going to have her guns blazing,” said the source.

We’re not sure if the report is true yet, but we’ll find out for sure when “Empire” makes its return to FOX in less than a month.