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James Blake racially profiled and attacked by White police officer in New York

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Being a Harvard graduate and one of the top tennis players in the world could not prevent James Blake from being a victim of racial profiling. According to reports, Blake, was leaving an interview at the Time Warner building in New York when the incident occurred.

While waiting for his car service, Blake noticed a man in plain clothes charging at him. For a split second, Blake thought it was a fan or possibly someone he knew in the past. However, the person running in his direction wasn’t looking for a hug.

All of sudden, Blake was tackled by the guy and slammed to the pavement.  Without asking any questions, the man told Blake to remain quiet. Blake realized the man was a cop only after several other officers surrounded him on the street as he was being handcuffed. The former tennis star asked why he was being apprehended, but the officers never gave him an answer as to why he was being detained.

Blake, who suffered several bruises including a swollen eye, was in cuffs for about one minute before one officer recognized him. He was eventually allowed to leave. The officer who initially slammed Blake to the ground never apologized for his actions.

Apparently, the officers were working undercover to arrest a man involved in a credit card scam.

The ongoing abuse of unarmed Black men at the hands of police officers continues to be a nationwide problem in America. Blake realizes that the issue is more severe for those who have to endure police brutality without having instant access to the national media.

The NYPD claims that an investigation into the incident will take place.

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