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Lamar Odom’s drug test results are in


Photo Credit: Lamar Odom’s Instagram (@lamarodom)

For weeks now, fans of Lamar Odom have been talking about his near-death incident in which he fell into a coma this month after being found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. Since then, Odom has been on the road to recovery, but reports have claimed it’s likely that drugs were the cause of the coma. Now, after being tested for drugs, the results of Odom’s test are in.

According to TMZ, as most expected, Odom tested positive for cocaine. Sources say that the Nye County Sheriff’s Department got the results from blood drawn from Odom at the Las Vegas hospital he was treated at.

Sources previously reported that someone from the brothel claimed Odom told her he had used cocaine days before he fell into his coma. Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly secured a search warrant for the blood test on Odom and previously stated that it’s “distinctly possible” that Odom could be prosecuted if he tested positive for cocaine.

However, the reports claims that although cocaine possession carries a 1-4 year sentence in Nevada, first time offenders usually don’t do time. Instead, they usually receive drug diversion and when they complete the drug education course, the charges are dropped.

Well, it looks like Odom won’t have to worry about jail time, but it’s clear that he still needs to undergo rehab.