Raven-Symone doesn’t deserve to be fired

Photo: @ravensymone via Instagram
Photo: @ravensymone via Instagram

I’m used to seeing and hearing complaints about Raven-Symone’s outlandish comments. I’m even used to people calling her names and creating/sharing memes to poke fun at her. What I didn’t expect, was to see a petition signed by more than 100,000 people to have her fired from “The View.”

Apparently, the Black community has had enough of her shenanigans and is now coming for her livelihood. I don’t agree with most of what she says, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say she should lose her job behind it. Let’s face it, Raven-Symone is probably on the show because of her controversial views. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the ABC network provided a statement in response to the petition praising her for her contribution to the show.

Have we, as a community, really come to the point where we actually believe that a person doesn’t deserve to make a living if they don’t represent us the way we want them to? One of the reasons for the petition is supposedly because Raven-Symone doesn’t represent the Black community the way we need her to. My question is, is that what she signed up for?

It’s difficult to fathom that there are more than 100,000 people in the world who actually agree that this woman should be fired from a show created by a White woman because she doesn’t adequately represent the Black community. Even worse, you’re asking Barbara Walters to remove her for this reason?

Raven-Symone makes a lot of ignorant, and sometimes rude, statements. But, those are her views. Yes, it sucks that she’s a Black woman who often seems to be against us more than for us, but she may actually have her reasons. I don’t know enough about her life experiences to know what she’s been through from what she hasn’t. That isn’t my business, nor is it my concern. Conversely, it may not be her concern to fight for the Black community.

What’s even crazier, is that this petition came after she actually agreed that the cop in the high school assault video acted ridiculously. She never said he was justified for slinging the student around the room. I commended her for actually being on the right side of that argument. What pissed everyone off, is when she said that the student was also wrong. I don’t get what’s so bad about that position.

The student did not in any way, shape or form deserve what happened to her, that’s clear to all of us, even Raven-Symone. A separate issue at hand actually is the question as to why the student chose to disregard the requests of two adults to leave the classroom before this reckless officer was called in. Again, she did not deserve what happened to her, and I didn’t hear where Raven said she did either.

The officer in that situation deserved to be fired. Hopefully, he’ll be charged and convicted, too. Raven-Symone on the other hand, does not deserve to lose her job just because she doesn’t speak the way we may expect her to as a Black woman. I’d love to see our community rally together and support a worthy cause, but Raven-Symone being fired isn’t one of those in my opinion.

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