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Marshawn Lynch addresses police brutality, backs rapper Steve Lan

Photo courtesy: Steve Lan

Every day, hip-hop artists release records exploiting women, glorifying materialism and the almighty dollar. Up-and-coming rapper Steve Lan has chosen a more socially conscious path for his newest single “My City.” The East Oakland, California, native is no stranger to poverty-stricken environments or gun violence in his community. Lan uses the track to bring attention to the senseless acts of police brutality happening in his hometown and across the nation.

After numerous occurrences of witnessing young Black men lose their lives as a result of police misconduct and through his own encounters with law enforcement, Lan felt led to address these ongoing issues through his lyricism. “I wanted to paint a positive picture of the city even though it’s very grimy. These issues with the police are happening every day and it needs to stop,” Lan says.

The whole city is definitely behind his blossoming music career, but one of his biggest supporters is Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. The NFL superstar has had nothing but great things to say about Lan’s bright future  “Steve Lan is my bruh, I got introduced to him through my cousin, Robert Jordan. He just needs to keep working and he seems to keep himself busy. He is always handling his business. I  think fans will like the video!  Steve Lan, Fab an H.U. put on for the Town with this one and Taj made it into a movie. I think they will be impressed,” he says.

Check out the video below: