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Teacher under fire after creating Chief Keef lesson plan for sixth graders

Chief Keef

Source: YouTube

Parents of a group of sixth grade students on Chicago’s South Side were outraged after a substitute teacher at the school created a lesson plan and test all about controversial rapper Chief Keef.

Students in a music class at John Fiske Elementary School were given the rapper’s bio and assigned to listen to his music, then quizzed on a variety of Keef-related subjects including what age did he drop out of school and what crime he committed to end up being placed on house arrest.

“I had never heard of him,” said parent Katrina Sanders. “But after careful research I found out that his music is about having sex, using the ‘B’ word, anti-police and supporting gangs. We don’t send our children to John Fiske to learn about some doggone Chief Keef and how many times he has been shot and what house arrest crime he is on. My son is not exposed to this kind of music.”

Sanders made a YouTube video showing the test and expressing her dismay at the situation before noting that her son’s class was previously given an assignment revolving around troubled singer Chris Brown.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) said the substitute teacher did not get approval from the district nor the school before administering the lesson to students.

“This inappropriate project was immediately suspended by the principal as soon as she learned about it. While teachers have flexibility in making assignments, CPS requires them to provide age-appropriate material in the classroom,” said spokeswoman Emily Bittner.

The substitute teacher has since been removed from the Fiske Elementary music class.

Check out the Chief Keef test below.

Chief Keef

Photo courtesy of ABC 7 Chicago

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  1. mariah asphalt on February 8, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    It just proves what many of these knuckle-scraping teachers think of our children, that they do not have the ability to learn regular information in the regular way. They have many preconceived notions about who our children are. I would call for her never being allowed to work with Black children again.