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Yandy Smith-Harris nabs brand ambassador deal with Mielle Organics

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Photo provided by: Mielle Organics Instagram

The new face of Mielle Organics, Yandy Smith-Harris, made her appearance in Chicago recently. The young reality star was super excited to announce her new role as the product’s first brand ambassador. Harris testifies that Mielle Organics is all-natural and wonderfully made for natural hair. The product is unique because it’s pure and free of any toxic ingredients that can ultimately harm your hair.

Photo provided by: Mielle Organics Instagram

Photo provided by: Mielle Organics Instagram

The owner/founder of Mielle Organics, Monique Rodriguez, expressed her gratitude to the crowd and explained how staying prayerful and motivated is what made this product line possible after one-year of planning. “I just want to give praise and thanks to God, because none of this would’ve been possible without God. Mielle Organics just a year ago was just an idea; it was an idea that I prayed about and asked God to show me something that I’m passionate about.”

Rodriguez left her nursing career to start Mielle Organics and hopes to continue to see it grow and be used by women all over the country.

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