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Masterful Chicago artist Hebru Brantley’s pop-up shop offers gifts of creativity

(Photo by Steed Media Service)

(Photo by Steed Media Service)

Hebru Brantley’s pop-up shop represented more than Chicago’s best and most influential ideas on display.

“The pop-up shop is something we decided to do for the holidays,” says Brantley. “The majority of merchandising that we do is available online.”

In this collection from Brantley, we find the barber chairs, the iconic ping-pong table situated as though there was some competition about to begin, and then his classic sculpture which gives you a nod to his association with brand Jordan. The statue in bold red is very powerful.

Comfortable couches fill the room so that one can commune and commiserate with the various elements of the art.

The pop-up shop also features beautiful T-shirts of iconic artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol and music royalty Grace Jones and Michael Jackson.

“The pop-up shop allows me to connect a little bit more with my fan base. It’s awesome to see to people who follow my work and follow who I am as an artist,” he says.

This gentle, brilliant, gifted giant whose statue is unassuming shares his craft and his genius in an unassuming way.

From the paintings on the walls to the T-shirts, Brantley allows us to live with beauty from his distinctive perspective.

“It’s awesome for me to give back in this way,” he closes.

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