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J.K. Rowling makes surprising revelation about ‘Harry Potter’ character’s race

Photo Credit: J.K. Rowling's Twitter (@jk_rowling)
Photo credit: J.K. Rowling’s Twitter (@jk_rowling)

Many fans of the famous Harry Potter book series have wondered if fan favorite Hermione Granger is Black or White, but since the film version of Granger was portrayed by White actress Emma Watson, many just went along with the assumption that she was White. However, fans got a surprise this week when it was revealed that Black actress Noma Dumezweni was cast as Granger in the upcoming Harry Potter stage play sequel, set to run at the Palace Theater in London next year. Not surprisingly, some fans were in an uproar about the casting, but series creator J.K. Rowling recently offered up her thoughts on Granger and Dumezweni.

Photo Credit: Noma Dumezweni's Twitter (@MissDumezweni)
Photo credit: Noma Dumezweni’s Twitter (@MissDumezweni)

When news broke about Dumezweni’s casting, fans online were split between those who were supportive of the casting and those who chose to make racist comments about it.

Hermione Tweet 1

Hermione Tweet 2

Yesterday, Rowling finally chimed in on the global conversation and she clarified that she supports the casting and never specified what Granger’s race is.

J.K. Rowling - Hermione Tweet 1

Well, that pretty much settles it. Hopefully, the racist fans will simmer down about the casting, but if not it still doesn’t change that Black fans will finally be able to see themselves represented in a major way in the Harry Potter series now.

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