Donald Trump takes President Obama to task over ‘Star Wars’?

Donald Trump
Trump Photo Cred- Gage Skidmore / President Obama Source: YouTube Screenshot

You would think with Star Wars: The Force Awakens proving itself to be a billion dollar blockbuster money magnet Donald Trump would be fan of the film, but alas it doesn’t appear to be so.

The Republican presidential frontrunner recently shared a disparaging campaign ad that accuses President Obama of prioritizing Star Wars over the war on ISIS.

Beginning with a graphic that simply reads, “We are in a serious war,” the 15 second clip, which is captioned “We need a real President,” then goes into a montage of news clips about ISIS members securing fake passports as well as the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. The ad then fades to black before a second typed statement that reads “Our president is busy with another war,” followed by a clip of Obama at the White House podium saying, “OK everybody, I gotta get to ‘Star Wars.’” The ad then ends after delivering the final typed statement of “Time for a leader with real priorities.”

In popular political style, Trump used a clip of President Obama ending a December 18 press conference in a light-hearted manner to host a special White House screening of Star Wars for families of soldiers killed in the line of duty.

What a classy move on Trump’s part.

You can watch the clip by clicking here.

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