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Is Rob Kardashian’s health worse than we thought?

Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian's Instagram (@robkardashian)
Photo Credit: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram (@robkardashian)

Rob Kardashian took a major hit in his personal life this week when it was revealed that he was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. Early reports claimed Kardashian was on the mend and resting at home, but a new report claims Kardashian’s health is worse than any initial reports first revealed.

As previously reported, Kardashian was supposedly diagnosed with type 2 diabetic ketoacidosis, which causes the body to produce high levels of blood acids, or ketones. The reports also claimed that Kardashian’s blood sugar level was extremely high when his family rushed him to an L.A. hospital after he complained of feeling sick.

Sources claimed that if the former reality star’s diabetes would’ve gone untreated, there’s a chance he could’ve fallen into a diabetic coma.

According to, Kardashian’s health is still in danger because his kidneys and pancreas are allegedly failing.

“His pancreas is basically not functioning,” a source alleged about Kardashian. “He also has kidney problems. He’s very, very sick.”

The source alleges that Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, is “worried and upset” for her son.

This is just the latest setback for Kardashian, who left the public spotlight more than a year ago and has since been privately dealing with extreme weight gain, as well as alleged battles with drug abuse.

Neither the Kardashians nor the Jenners have confirmed the new report, but we hope that Kardashian is recovering and on the path to a healthier life.

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