Kim Kardashian gives update on Lamar Odom’s recovery

Just a few months ago, Lamar Odom’s life was in shambles as he rested in a hospital bed after suffering a near-deadly drug overdose and several strokes. At the time, Odom was struggling to even speak or walk and doctors told his family that it would take several months for Odom to recover from his injuries. But […]

Is Rob Kardashian’s health worse than we thought?

Rob Kardashian took a major hit in his personal life this week when it was revealed that he was recently hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. Early reports claimed Kardashian was on the mend and resting at home, but a new report claims Kardashian’s health is worse than any initial reports first revealed. As previously reported, Kardashian […]

Houston family allegedly plans to let Bobbi Kristina die in peace

Ever since Bobbi Kristina nearly drowned in her own bathtub back in January, friends and family have been praying that she would one day make a recovery and wake up from this nightmare situation. And, although Bobbi was brought out of her medically-induced coma a month ago, she’s still been unresponsive and doctors say she’s […]

Cissy Houston gives shocking statement about Bobbi Kristina’s fate

The last time we heard about Bobbi Kristina’s dire condition, we learned that she’d been moved from Emory Hospital ini Atlanta to a local rehabilitation center. Now, her grandmother, Cissy Houston, is breaking her silence on Bobbi’s coma and revealing what she thinks about her granddaughter’s fate. In a new interview with WBLS radio station […]