Which curse word helped Samuel L. Jackson overcome his childhood stuttering habit?

Samuel L. Jackson
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Over the course of his outstanding career, veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson has been known to deliver an emphatic line or two laced with profanity.

Jackson’s ability to add extra umph when going on one of his character’s curse filled tirades is so resounding that the tirades have been celebrated and marked in pop culture. You may not have even seen the movie Snakes On A Plane, but there’s a good chance you know one of the movie’s more memorable lines delivered by Jackson:  “I have had it with these mother–king snakes on this mother–king plane!”

In a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show, Jackson revealed that part of the reason he can really get behind a good “mother–ker” is that the word actually helped him overcome stuttering as a child.

“I have no idea [how] but it just does,” he told Stern. “It clicks a switch that stops the d-d-d b-b-b, because I stuttered really, really, really badly for a long time.”

The 67-year-old Hateful Eight actor says his stuttering left him being bullied “to the point that I stopped speaking for almost a year in school.”

In addition to the therapy he found in dropping the mf-bomb, Jackson said he found another unlikely way to overcome his speech impediment. “I read a lot,” he added. “I read things about breathing exercises, I actually went to the library to combat stuttering.”

Jackson’s story just goes to show that you never know what can help you turn around any difficulty you’re going through in life.

The Hateful Eight is currently in theaters.

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