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Slim Girl Shapewear

Meet Juliana Richards. She’s a wife, mother, and creator of one of the world’s most lucrative women’s wear lines, Slim Girl Shapewear. Consisting of a wide variety of trendy fitness apparel, sexy lingerie and their subsidiary 1800Cinchers, the brand, designed with women in mind, offers something for everyone.

Hailing from Nigeria, Richards launched Slim Girl Shapewear after a continuous search for the right body shaper. She began in college where she cleverly funded her first launch with her student loans. Before she knew it, her small investment transformed into two online boutiques: www.slimwearshapewear.com and www.1800Cinchers.com, a store located in Atlanta as well as her hometown.

Recently, rolling out had the opportunity to chat with the self-made mogul, who offered a few words of encouragement and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Check it out below.

How did you find your niche in business?
I discovered my niche doing a few different things. I’ve been in eCommerce for a very long time and I learned a great deal about setting up a website and selling online. So, as you can imagine, with how big the Internet is, it didn’t come easy — finding my niche. I really had to read a lot and do my research.

I watched what other people were doing and from there I was able to say that ‘okay, I need graphic designers, web designers – I need to learn coding.’ It was definitely a lot of trial and error.

Due to my personal experience with waist training, trying to slim down some, sweat more, we first started off with waist cinchers and body shapers — thankfully, it took off.

What is the biggest misconception you’ve heard about waist training?
I’m so glad you asked that. The craziest thing I’ve heard is that waist training will shift your “insides around.” My response to that is “officially, this technique is actually practiced by surgeons — plastic surgeons supply patients who undergo liposuction with a thick surgical cloth. Women who have C-sections also train their waist. What it does is help mold your waist back to your desired shape. Unofficially, this has been done for many, many years in third-world countries. When women give birth, they wrap their stomach with very thick wrappers to retain their shape.”

These are not Victorian-style corsets. They are flexible. You can dance in them, run errands in them — they are created with built in springs and latex which emits thermal heat. So when you wear them, it is not only shaping your waist, but helping you sweat. It is also great for back support.

What regimen should people follow in order to get the best results?
I always tell people to drink a lot of water. Adjust your diet. Even if you are working out everyday, like any other diet regimen or fitness program, you have to watch your sugar intake and really practice portion control. Be consistent and you will see faster results.

What inspires you the most?
What inspires me the most is watching other women succeed. And not only that, sharing their struggles and stories to inspire others. We’re actually surprised by all the love and support we’ve received from people. We’ve been featured on “The Wendy Williams Show” and “The Real.” We’ve had a lot of top celebrities [Khloe Kardashian, Snooki, Lira Galore, Erica Dixon] support our product and our brand.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?
The biggest advice I would give to anyone, is do not be afraid of rejection. I came to this country with only $100 to my name. After 10-15 years of hard work and diligence, here I am.

This week, Richards will launch her lingerie line chock-full of beautiful pieces for women of all shapes and sizes. For more information on their products, visit them at http://slimgirlshapewear.com/, http://www.1800cinchers.com/ or follow them on Instagram: @slimgirlshapewear or @1800cinchers.

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