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Is Tyga taking Blac Chyna to court?

Photo Credit: Tyga's Instagram (@kinggoldchains)

Photo Credit: Tyga’s Instagram (@kinggoldchains)

After being arrested last weekend for possession of drugs, it seemed like Blac Chyna’s biggest concern was what the D.A. in the case had to say about whether or not to press charges. But now it looks like the model should also start worrying about what her ex, Tyga, might do in court if new rumors about him are true.

As previously reported, Blac Chyna was arrested last Friday at an airport in Austin, Texas, for public intoxication and drug possession after police found two MDMA pills in an eyeglass case in her purse. Since then, Chyna has denied that the pills were hers; saying that whoever packed her luggage likely put the pills in the case.

Although the D.A. in the case has yet to decide whether to press charges against Chyna or not, media reports claim that Tyga isn’t happy about Chyna’s arrest and now he’s worried about her influence on their 3-year-old son, King.

Reportedly, Tyga has already put plans in motion and has filed legal documents to try and take full custody of their son. Sources say that Tyga plans to prove he’s the more responsible parent of the two and if his alleged plan works, he’ll have primary custody of King during the week and Chyna will be allowed to visit King on the weekends.

Reports have questioned whether Tyga might be going after custody of King because of Chyna’s new relationship with Rob Kardashian, who was recently filmed playing with King. However, the sources say that Tyga has no problem with Rob. He just has a problem with Chyna’s parenting.

Well, we’ll have to wait and see just what Tyga does in the next few weeks.