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Carlos King and the ultimate social experiment; TV One’s ‘Next 15’

promo the next 15

promo artwork for the Next 15 (photo credit TV One)


Veteran television producer Carlos King adds another series to his collection of urban reality shows with TV One’s The Next 15. With a play on the proverbial 15 minutes of fame, King and sidekick former RHOA Claudia Jordan assemble a random cast of former reality stars. The Next 15 includes; LHHATL’s Benzino, Love & Basketball’s Jennifer Williams and Laura Govan, MTV Real World’s first out gay cast member Karamo Brown, and last but not least the ostentatious Tiffany Pollard aka New York from VH1’s pioneer reality series Flava of Love.

The Next 15 catches each of the former reality stars as they attempt to jumpstart their careers after the high of being a top reality TV star. Jordan is fresh off her RHOA experience and is obviously bummed at not being asked to return as an official member of the show, Williams and Govan haven’t bounced back from their glory days as a basketball wife and girlfriend. Karamo Brown is actively pursuing a broadcast career and Pollard is simply waiting for an opportunity to remind everyone that she was the first bonafied reality star, managing to secure three spin-offs (2 seasons of I love New York and New York goes to Work) after bullying two casts of Flava of Love.

With zero initial chemistry amongst the cast, King decides to give the group a reality check by bringing in a focus group of average television watchers, and allowing his reality stars to hear what unbiased viewers think of them. Feedback consisted of everything from Claudia being labeled promiscuous to Jennifer Williams being typecast as bourgeois and Benzino not having a neck. After the cast listens to what the viewers thing of them, they have the opportunity to confront them and question their perception.

Whether Claudia Jordan and the rest of the former reality stars will be able to stretch their newly given 15 minutes of fame into an additional half hour remains to be seen.  Judging from the mixed personalities King is juggling, drama is inevitable.  Tiffany aka New York is off to a great start suggesting that the rest of the cast needs to get in line and follow her. “I’ve been the HBIC. If not for me there wouldn’t be a reality star. The loud, in your face, head b*tch in charge role started with me,” Pollard says proudly.

If anyone is used to dealing with overly opinionated divas, it would be King. His experience with the RHOA and R&B & Hollywood Divas qualifies him as an expert on dealing with larger than life personalities especially when it comes to women. Only time will tell if these former stars have what it takes to become hot topics again.

The Next 15 Premieres Wednesday, February 10 at 9PM/ET

Watch the trailer after the break:

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