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Black hairstory: Black women talk relaxed or natural


Antoinette Houston - Photo Credit: Clifton Henri

Antoinette Houston – Photo Credit: Clifton Henri

Below, Black women engage in the budding debate about Black women’s hair: Should their hair be natural or permed? Is hair weave acceptable? See what the sisters had to say.

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Name: Antoinette Houston, CUA

Profession: – Senior User Experience Engineering Consultant

Spoken Word, Musical Artist (NeoSoul Lyricist)

Natural or Relaxer: Relaxer

I started using relaxers at 15, given it made my hair more manageable. My hair is an extension of my personality, as well as part of how I identify to the world. It’s both a personal/public statement presented daily as a small token of what I represent: #BeingU2Ful

I have a personal relationship with my hair, where if/when I’m having a “good” hair day, I tend to find my bubbly personality is even bubblier as a result. Even in those “bad” moments, a good tuck behind the ear saves the day! My hair is a symbol of my freedom, my womanhood, my femininity and the beauty of this, is it has nothing to do with length or style; it’s all about maintaining a healthy mane in my opinion. Healthy hair is SEXY. Though some may say my previous statement is a bit ironic given the debate as to whether “relaxed” hair is healthy hair given the chemical treatment involved; I choose not to judge permed hair. I believe every woman has a right to figure out which hair path works for them. For me, at this time, I’m a happy advocate for relaxers and it, along with my amazing beautician, keeps my grade of hair growing & strong.

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1 Comment

  1. Nigg_Newton on February 19, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Eddy “Precise” Lamarre — Sir —

    YOU were very DISINGENUOUS with this Blog/Article. You didn’t even TOUCH THE — “ELEPHANT in the Room”…Weave!

    90% of ALL BLACK WOMEN wear weave…It’s now a $10 Billion Dollar Hair Industry!


    Please don’t do such POOR JOURNALISM. It’s bad for you and proves BLACKS don’t like to speak the truths/problems in our BLACK AMERICA!

    FYI —

    WHY is it so HARD FOR BLACK WOMEN to break the ADDICTION of FAKE HAIR….

    Black Women —

    YOU ALL — are showing signs of INFERIORITY and a SELF HATE COMPLEX. Also known as a — PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER!