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Killer Mike breaks down books that every Black person should read


Books have the power to provoke thought and change perceptions. During a recent sit down interview with rolling out, Killer Mike shared three books that every Black person should read.

Robert Beck’s Momma Black Widow:

It’s an amazing book. It’s fiction, but it’s absolutely amazing.

Fredrick Douglas Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas:

Read Fredrick Douglas’ autobiography because you need to start understanding the world from a different perspective. We have been under Democratic rule essentially for the last 50 years. The rule of the Democratic party and that parties’ treatment of us is eerily similar to some of the poorest treatment that we have received in terms of attending to our needs and respecting us as human beings. And unless you read Fredrick Douglas’ book (know that he is Republican) you won’t know that at first the Republican party championed freedom. And you won’t know how to push the people who call themselves your ally. He was a stud at self-analysis and demanding more. One of his best quotes was, “It was easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken men.”

W.E.B Dubois Black Reconstruction

What you were taught before slavery is that you were nothing and you had a little something in reconstruction and then everything was taken away from you and that’s not exactly true. You were prospering at all times and you prospered in this country since you got here and you need to understand reconstruction from a different perspective. Because if you understand what it has been like for you post slavery, you can start to see the mistakes that were made in not supporting Marcus Garvey.  W.E.B Dubois and Garvey were at each other in terms that he did not want to repatriate to Africa. He thought we had made our stock in America and this is where we should be. He is buried in Africa, he left and went to Ghana because he finally got tired. He finally saw it, it was no hope for it for him.