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Erykah Badu and Azealia Banks have change of heart about each other

Photo credit: Erykah Badu’s Instagram (@erykahbadu)
Photo credit: Erykah Badu’s Instagram (@erykahbadu)

Azealia Banks has proved time and time again throughout her career that she has no qualms about barking on anyone in the industry whom she feels is disrespectful or corny. Even still, it came as a surprise to fans last year when Banks ended up beefing with legendary singer Erykah Badu or a silly Twitter comment. But now it appears that the two artists have finally had a change of heart about each other and squashed their beef.

For those that don’t remember, the beef all started when one of Badu’s Twitter followers asked her if she was a fan of Banks’ music and Badu replied that she tried to give Banks’ music a chance but wasn’t really a fan of it. Banks fired back at Badu that she was “jealous” and “old,” and the two ended up in a shocking Twitter beef.

Since then, fans have just assumed that these two ladies would always just have a quiet beef and keep their distance from each other. But yesterday, Badu made a shocking move when she tweeted at Banks and apologized for her part in the beef.

“@AZEALIABANKS sis. 1 thing I know 4sho about YOU is that you r an advocate 4 your folks. For that I humbly apologize,” Badu wrote.

And the shocks continued as Banks actually responded positively and accepted Badu’s apology.

Photo Credit: Azealia Banks' Instagram (@azealiabanks)
Photo credit: Azealia Banks’ Instagram (@azealiabanks)

“Ok I accept, and unblocked. I grew up on your music and you got my mother thru lots of heartbreak and pain,” Banks wrote. “@fatbellybella was very taken aback and hurt when u threw me shade. I’m glad it’s over now. My mother will be happy about this.”

Banks then apologized for her role in the beef as well.

“@fatbellybella and i apologize for all the stupid things I said in response. I honestly look up to you and think your incredible,” Banks wrote.

Banks then took aim at Black media publications and slammed them for putting so much energy into hyping the beef between her and Badu.


Well, we’re happy to report the truce and we hope that other artist who are beefing over foolish reasons can learn a lesson from these two.

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