Mya weighs in on Beyoncé and Jay Z ‘Becky’ scandal

Photo Credit: Mya's Instagram (@kissmya)
Photo Credit: Mya’s Instagram (@kissmya)

For nearly a week now, Beyoncé’s BeyHive Stans have been clamoring to find out who this “Becky with the good hair” woman is who the pop star alleges that Jay Z cheated on her with on her new album, Lemonade. Women like fashion designer Rachel Roy and Jay’s former protégé Rita Ora have been named as potential “Beckys.” But R&B veteran Mya, who was once suspected of sleeping with Jay, is now weighing in on the matter and denying that she’s a “Becky,” as well.

According to media reports, Mya was recently informed of the scandal involving Beyoncé’s admission that Jay had an affair during their marriage. When asked if she felt Bey was using the story as a way to sell records or just to genuinely tell her life story through her art, Mya replied that either could be true.

“Well, I can’t really speak on what another person does. But art is art and it is definitely an expression of self, often truth,” Mya said. “It can be. It can be free therapy.”

For those that don’t remember, years ago, rumors spread that Mya and Jay Z had a secret romance after she collaborated with him on the remix to her hit song “Best of Me.” And in her latest interview, Mya denies, that she was ever a “Becky” side chick for Jay.

“It’s what you sign up for when you enter the entertainment business,” Mya said. “I don’t have anybody coming at me, but I know what I’m not guilty of. 

When asked if she thinks Jay is really capable of having an affair with another woman, Mya replied, “I think any man is capable of such things.”

It didn’t and still doesn’t cross our minds that Mya was one of Jay’s side pieces. We also don’t think that Bey or Jay will ever admit who the woman was nor do we think the real “Becky” will ever come forward and endure the public backlash that’s waiting for her from the BeyHive. 

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