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Monyetta Shaw reveals her sexual regrets with Ne-Yo

Photo Credit: Monyetta Shaw's Instagram (@monyettashaw)
Photo Credit: Monyetta Shaw’s Instagram (@monyettashaw)

It’s been years since Monyetta Shaw and Ne-Yo were one of music’s hottest couples, but ever since their split fans have been learning more juicy details about their relationship from Shaw. Now, fans have learned yet another intimate secret about the former pair’s relationship thanks to a new interview in which Shaw reveals her regrets about some particular sexual acts with Ne-Yo.

In a new interview on Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast, Shaw spoke about her new book, Bigger Than Me, and reveals that she engaged in threesomes with Ne-Yo during their relationship in order to keep him happy. However, she admits that she now regrets having done the threesomes and explains she wants other women to know they shouldn’t disregard their own wants to keep a relationship.

She said, “You’re in a relationship, you know your partner, I wasn’t a prude. I went hard for my relationship, it kinda happened and that’s what it was. The reason why I thought it was important to put it in there [the book] just when my daughter gets old enough to read it, or my son, it’s necessary [in the book] because whatever you do—you ain’t gon’ keep him. Maddie, don’t do it girl. If it’s not what you want … at the time it was what I wanted, I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s not part of your lifestyle.”

Shaw also made it a point to clarify that she never “tasted the seafood” when it came to other women who joined her and Ne-Yo in bed.

“I’ve never tasted the seafood, let’s be clear. I have no desire to taste the seafood,” Shaw said.

Shaw also shared her opinion on giving “hall passes” for cheating to her man and revealed that she allowed Ne-Yo to sleep with other women as long as he used condoms. However, she now says that she would never advise another woman to give her man a “hall pass.”

“Absolutely not. Girl, run! Don’t do it! He [Ne-Yo] has such an amazing heart, he’s such a good person he really is. He was my best friend, it was straight up ride or die. I just saw my family breaking up—I don’t know that world, my parents have been together 44 years. So I’m like, what do I need to do? What is it? I know this is your problem so here, this is what you gotta do thinking he’ll get over it, even though I’m dying inside,” Shaw admitted.

As fans know, Ne-Yo and Shaw ended their long-term relationship in 2013 and Ne-Yo ended up marrying model Crystal Renay this February. Ne-Yo and Renay also welcomed their first son, Shaffer Chimere Jr., this March.

Although Shaw has spoken in the past about letting go of Ne-Yo and embracing her new mixed family with Renay, in her interview, Shaw admits that while she was with Ne-Yo and having threesomes that she never would’ve guessed in a million years that she and Ne-Yo would split.

“I love hard and I went hard for my man, no question and I feel like I did those things at the time because I felt it was necessary and I was in love. If you would’ve told me that we weren’t gonna be together I would’ve told you that you were a damn lie. I knew that he had my heart and I had his heart no matter what,” Shaw said.

Well, those are some very revealing confessions. What do you think of what Shaw has to say about threesomes and hall passes? Let us know in the comments.

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